Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Bellingham Ron Paul Sign Bomb Saturday 2-4PM

Every Saturday from 2-4PM we will be holding signs for Ron Paul on the Alabama overpass in Bellingham WA. This is an easy and effective way to let people know we are not just on the internet. An estimated 3000 vehicles pass underneath every hour. Honk if you support Ron Paul.

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Disclosure Clothing launches Ron Paul t-shirts

Disclosure Company is selling t-shirts that are 100% cotton and Made in the USA. Support a good cause and look good doing it. They also have books. Follow them on Twitter and Facebook.

Ron Paul Media Team and Ron Paul van

Fred Lane is a long time supporter of Ron Paul.

Ron Paul Rally for Peace

Every Friday from 3-5PM you will see Ron Paul supporters at Cornwall and Magnolia in downtown Bellingham. Some members have made their own signs and some have re-used signs from 2008.

Ron Paul Money Bomb

We still meet at the Alabama Overpass on I-5 but not as often as we used to. Now we usually post up on moneybomb days.